The 4th is over so back too the Monday & Tuesday night races

What with the road destruction season in full swing getting to and from PIR might be a challenge. Only four more short track races then back comes two nights of road racing.

Looks like I have 6 Mt. bike events left. I'm not sure how many of the road races I'll do as grandpa Uber duty may require some adjustments there.

Planning on doing all four GPCD cross races and a few of the River City Cross Crusade races

Monday/ Tuesday PIR Road Racing

Well a lot of races to start the week.

So far this season there has been what seems like a great deal of rule infractions riders pushing the rules pretty hard trying for that edge resulting in  racers going down hard at almost every race so far. OBRA is doing all they can to bring it under control. Having to disqualify and entire race in the 4/5's and explain the rules and caution racers before their heats. I fail to understand why risking injury, lost income and possibly life changing loss of mobility are so easy to forget in the rush to be not first but twenty first. I know competition having raced cars and 4x4's, shot trap and skeet as well as rode quaterhorse in shows. Trying to succeed at something with a partner that weighs in at eleven hundred pounds and a mind that tells it to run first ask questions later! You learn fast just how easy it is to get hurt, doing your passion / hobby.       

Two Months of racing

As I finish the second month of this season had some good days and some bad. The weather has been less then Steller. The eastside of the mountains were dry but windy and cold. The coastal races have been wet, cold, windy, and just a pinch of sun. 

Mike the promoter of the Coast Hills Classic mountain bike race called seems his photographer had to bail on the race. He wanted to use some of my images as people were looking for them and he had nothing. So I hooked him up with some of mine I wasn't happy with a lot of what I took because of the heavy rain made for lousy conditions but as the racers had to deal with as well shows just how tough racing can be.  


Hi to all the people that have found my site.

As you can see by the lack of posts I don't spend a lot of time blogging. Those of you that came looking for bike racing images or came from that page and wanted to see more of my work thanks.

This season has me following two new teams and trying to use duel cameras at the races. I'm having mixed success so far but what I've got looks promising.

I took a late winter trip to the coast missed the big waves I wanted to shoot by ten days late. Did as you can see have one very nice sunset shoot and scouted the area for the next try may have to wait till fall though. 

A big change in the web site

This is for all my bike riding friends soon I will have a new web site just for biking images. My goal is to have apublic place for all of the riders to go and find their images. I will continue to post team content on Facebook. The plan will be to have a new gallery for each race, containing the best image of as many riders as I can, if they want to see all of their images please contact me via email.




This page will be for more of my travel and landscape work and new projects as I go.