Monday/ Tuesday PIR Road Racing

Well a lot of races to start the week.

So far this season there has been what seems like a great deal of rule infractions riders pushing the rules pretty hard trying for that edge resulting in  racers going down hard at almost every race so far. OBRA is doing all they can to bring it under control. Having to disqualify and entire race in the 4/5's and explain the rules and caution racers before their heats. I fail to understand why risking injury, lost income and possibly life changing loss of mobility are so easy to forget in the rush to be not first but twenty first. I know competition having raced cars and 4x4's, shot trap and skeet as well as rode quaterhorse in shows. Trying to succeed at something with a partner that weighs in at eleven hundred pounds and a mind that tells it to run first ask questions later! You learn fast just how easy it is to get hurt, doing your passion / hobby.