Mudslinger this Saturday Hope to meet you and say Hello

With all the wet weather this winter this race will live up to it's name! The chances for the sunshine and dry trails of last year are long gone.

I have some new toy's to use this time around new lower stool second camera and lens to try out.

I invite all that have found me here to share the web page with your fellow racers. I will add the race photos here as pages. Teams photos will post on their Facebook pages.

The race pages are small samples of the riders so if you can't find yourself send an email with your plate number and kit colors. I'll send you the proofs of the race. Red2Red was almost 1900 images pretty sure I got most all of you.

Prints are avalible for purchase

I have a lot of options for prints from 5x7 8x10 up to posters as large as 36x48 down to 12x16

I'm planning a composite print where two images blend and print as single image cost.

Remember digital images are great but gone in a flash or lost with your phone and only last about three years. Todays Photo inks and paper last a hundred years or more.

Red2Red April 1

Racing in Echo ,OR was great lots of fun the trail was fast and dry as well. First full junior race for second grand daughter she and dad had a blast. Added new page with a sample of images I took, so if you found your way to the site and don't see any photos of yourself please send me a note took almost 1800 images changes are I have at least one of two.

All I need is your plate number and uniform/colors some of the numbers do overlap by cat.

2017 Starts soon for me.

This year I'll have a lot of games and races to cover with spring softball and CC MTB racing then right into summer Baseball Softball and Short Track at PIR.

Softball and Baseball will be more for friends and less for others this time around might even just set and watch a few games , let the camera have a day off.

Mountain Bike Racing going to cover most all of the riders this time I've had a number of people ask about their images so will make an effort to shoot as many riders as I can per race.

Team Camas Bike and sport and Ten Barrel Racing will  be covered with the usual amount of time on race day.