Snow yes Snow this has been a cold and wet spring so far. Chainbreaker

Arrived in a light snow flurry but did get in the low 40ish and some wind just to make it feel like my refrigerator. A change in the start order with juniors and Cat 3 riders leaving first giving them a head start all but a couple where able to complete their runs with out having the faster riders to contend with worked well in my opinion. 

Reminder if you don't see yourself in the gallery send me your plate number and kit colors and I'll send the proofs email me or Facebook messenger work best

Coast Hills Classic

A day at the beach some of the teams took the opportunity for some pre race laps and the sun at the beach. The action starts at 10:00 am Sunday a little earlier then normal but more time after the race to enjoy the coast.

This is almost half way through the juniors season only three more to go I think

Bear Springs Trap

The day started off wet and cold but the sun did come out for most of the race, to bad the warmth was cut by that cold wind off the snow pack.

The riders where down some from last year. All the rain and a lot of other races on same day sent riders to their favorites. 

That was a hard one for some at Mudslinger

From the look of some the mud was thick and slippery. I know one rider who went down hard thought he recovered got home and had to seek medical help broken ribs an a hole in a lung then a couple nights stay in the hospital. A tough reminder that when you push the trail sometimes it pushes back a lot harder then you are ready for. Be Safe and ride smart.